8 Keys to Really Understanding Netflow for Network Security, Performance & Overall IT Health (e-book)

Learn how to use intelligent and automated machine learning to easily achieve ultimate visibility of your network and to quickly understand the communication behavior and risk of whatever is connected to it. See how to seamlessly and cost-effectively resolve an array of network challenges and threats from DDoS to Ransomware and detect inappropriate use and tampering.

As enterprise networks evolve and become increasingly complex, IT departments require reliable and real-time diagnostics, network analysis and performance monitoring to leverage existing security strategies and gain comprehensive visibility into the root cause of network security events or slow performance to maintain IT infrastructure health.

CySight passively collects metadata across distributed physical and virtual networks from routers, switches, firewalls, taps and virtual machines. This information is a critical resource to ensuring top network performance and in detecting security issues.

Many Netflow tools due to their inability to scale cannot be used for security or forensics and even struggle over time for performance analytics.

This ebook covers eight ways companies can leverage the power of NetFlow to achieve top-priority objectives, including:
  • 1. Traffic Accounting
  • 2. Performance Monitoring
  • 3. Security Forensics
  • 4. Data Retention Compliance
  • 5. Anomaly Detection & Predictive AI Baselining
  • 6. End-Point Threat Detection
  • 7. BYOD, Insider Threats, SCADA and the Internet of Things
  • 8. Usage-Based Billing and Peering Analysis