Talk to NetFlow Experts

Why would you need Granular Network Intelligence?

And the answer, if not obvious already, is that, really, in today's connected world, every incident response includes a communications component. What we mean by that is in a managed environment, whether it's traditional network management or security management, anytime that there's an alert or some sort of incident that needs to be responded to, a part of that response is always going to be communications, who's talking to who, what did they do, was it a ransomware endpoint, is it ToR, is there latency, is it a DDoS, how much bandwidth did they use, who did they talk to?

Where we are today is the result of a large development effort over the last number of years. We've been involved with all different kinds of customers for over 10 years, delivering NetFlow-based Integrated cyber and network telemetry. We've really taken a very heavy development exercise into security over the last few years and we are constantly innovating. We're constantly improving. We're constantly listening to what our customers want and need and building that into future releases of the product. We really do listen to our customers quite extensively and because of that, we have a great reputation with our customers.

Our products offer the most cost-effective approach by combining performance analytics with detect threats and quantify network traffic ubiquitously across everything that you might need in the security and cyber network intelligence arena.