License Key Information

We know that customers needs are different at different times and NetFlow Auditor therefore comes in scalable license tiers. A simple license change means that our customers investments are safe. So if budget only allows a small start, we provide the very best small start in the industry and the ability to add granularity and features. NetFlow Auditor is designed for Corporations and Service Providers both small and large. It is highly scalable and Telco grade.

Base License

  • Performance provides granular troubleshooting top traffic information and retains high top granularity for as long as you need.

  • Intelligence provides Performance granular troubleshooting top traffic information coupled with our unique long term data archive that can be tuned for your exact for trending, capacity planning, baselining and billing needs. Suits both small and large environments.

  • Compliance is suited to those environments who require very granular collection for troubleshooting, security forensics and compliance. It is built to archive 100% of the flows and requires appropriate disk and processing resources.

Cyber Security Add On Options

  • Anomaly Detection (NBAD) license provides ability to automatically identify change (e.g. Intrusion Detection/Security/Compliance/Cost Management), Identify Nefarious Traffic, DDoS, SlowDoS, e-Vandalism. Detects threats and allows you to mitgate issues before they become bigger.Sensitivity can be retained as default for most environments and can be adjusted for special needs eg Defense/Banking/High Compliance.

  • End-Point Threat Detection (THREAT) Perpetual diagnostics enable fast mitigation from DDoS, insider threats, botnets, illicit transfers and other bad actors.

Other Add On Options

  • Ultra Long-Term Trending/Billing license provides ability to measure and analyze data in a separate data warehouse with tuning rules that allow for efficient and speedy long-term flexible baselining and comparative analytics and usage based or 95th percentile billing. Our unique long term data archive can be tuned for your exact for trending, capacity planning, baselining and billing needs.

  • Clustered/Helper Collectors allow NetFlow Auditor to be architected as a nfs cluster.

  • Hierarchical Collectors allow NetFlow Auditor to be architected as a collection of distributed collectors that populate one or more hierarchical collectors for centralized awareness.

Please email if you require any other assistance.

What is the Difference between NetFlow Auditor Performance, Intelligence and Compliance?

To better understand the differences between NetFlow Auditor Base Licenses use this grid and the information below:

        Performance Intelligence Compliance
    Base Config and Scaling        
    Flow Collection Rate Most granular, scalable and flexible Flow Collection in the industry. Provides hours, weeks months and years worth of data complete Auditing capability of every minute for security and performance needs or hourly long-term trending for capacity planning and system architecture needs. 100% Raw Flow capture 100% Raw Flow capture 100% Raw Flow capture
    Retention Rate (Archiving) Dependent on license key limit. Potential Records per Device per minute is 500 for Performance, 5000 for Intelligence and not-limited for Compliance. Raw Flows subject to data collection Tuning or flow retention rate settings. top talkers per device per minute
    default: 500
    Intelligence: 5000 Compliance: Unlimited and Configurable
    Real-Time per Minute Data Archival   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Long-Term per Hour Data Archival Ultra Long Term Trending / Billing Add-On Optional Optional Optional
    Baseline Real Time Comparison Comparative analysis of each element across the time line. Gives the ability to identify which element caused the change and when. Top Elements - months, week, weekday, day, hour, minute Granular Top Elements analytics - week, weekday, day, hour, minute Unlimited Granularity - week, weekday, day, hour, minute
    Baseline Trending Comparison Comparative analysis of Business defined elements across the time line e.g Accounts, Costcenters, Interfaces, Devices, ASN, QoS, Boundary, Protocol, Known Ports, 95th Percentile. Gives the ability to analyze resource growth needs, Bill for use by aggregation or 95th percentile. years, quarters, months, week, weekday, day, hour, minute years, quarters, months, week, weekday, day, hour, minute years, quarters, months, week, weekday, day, hour, minute
    Multi Device Support1 Correlation and analysis of feeds from multiple appliances. Stand-alone, Cluster or Hierarchy Mode. Devices / Interfaces may be limited dependent on license tier. Subject to license Subject to license Subject to license
    Operating System Support2   Windows or Redhat / Centos Linux Windows or Redhat / Centos Linux Windows or Redhat / Centos Linux
    Sustained flows / second1 Subject to class of server (CPU, RAM, I/O, NIC), operating system, flow variance and number of devices and interfaces and flows per second collection tuning and flow retention license or rate setting Netflow Auditor can collect upto to 10,000,000 flows/ second on single collector and millions of flows per second when scaled into a cluster or hierarchy. Avg 1500000 flows/ second sustained or 5 million flows per second burst subject to flow variance, Avg 300000 to 1500000 flows/ second sustained subject to flow variance. At full retention setting 30000 flows/ second sustained or 100000 burst or 300000 fps subject to flow variance
    Fault tolerant and scalable collection NetFlow Auditor was built from the ground up for scalability and utilizes scalable intelligent agent technologies (Bots) to manage large amounts of network traffic information in real time. yes yes yes
    Data Collection Tuning Collect only the data required. NetFlow Auditor provides strategic data collection tuning allowing inclusion / exclusion for collection and additional scalability yes yes yes
    Health Check Monitors the overall network health and export loss statistics. yes yes yes
    Flow Capture        
    NetFlow Captures Cisco NetFlow Data v1,5,7,9 and Flexible Netflow and flows from Cisco ASA, Nexus, ASR, Cisco WLC, CheckPoint, Ixia, Juniper, Palo Alta, Brocade, Microtik and many more yes yes yes
    IPFIX Captures IPFIX data yes yes yes
    sFlow Captures sFlow (4.0.2 onward) yes yes yes
    sFlow Captures jFlow, NetStream, VMware yes yes yes
    NetFlow Auditor Base architecture        
    Flexible multi-option filtering Analysis Packet Size, Full Flow, Count, Deviation, Bidirectional, Cross sectional and Business group analysis. top granular top all
    Scalability, Fault Tolerance and Self Healing Architected using Intelligent Agent Technology yes yes yes
    User Profiles Customizable login environment for each account with analytics for IP Owner to only view their Subnet or Device yes yes yes
    Hierachical Collection License based on number of Collectors monitored yes yes yes
    Scheduled Reports, Alerting and Templates        
    Unattended Analysis Alerting and Reporting or create drilldown templates for quick analysis of your specific needs. top granular top all
    Anomaly Detection Alerting Optional Add-on license based on active device license. Exception and/or threshold alerts on a wider range of events rising or dropping traffic to particular end point, rising/dropping protocol to end point, idle period to end point, standard deviations, network behavior anomaly detection baselines for each Measurement Profile Flows / bps / pps / Packets / Packet Size / Bytes / Counts / TCP Flags + Congestion Flags (8).
    A Minimum of 11424 Intelligent Baseline Statistics are learned for each Monitored Traffic Item. (4 Statistical baselines for each of the 17 Measurement Profiles for each hour for each weekday).
    Outliers primarily bandwidth usage orientated Outlier detection is granular and sufficient for most ernvironments Full detection and automated analytics is able to use all the data for Machine Learning
    Intelligent Baseline Learning   optional optional optional
    Scheduled Reporting Custom NetFlow Reports can be scheduled to run as a report. yes yes yes
    Standard Alerting Custom NetFlow Reports can be scheduled to run as a standard alert. yes yes yes
    Templates Custom NetFlow Reports can be saved as a Drilldown Template yes yes yes
    Standard Alerting Ability to set global real-time alerting thresholds based on changes in volume, destination, source or port and Time of day event alerting and thresholds yes yes yes
    SNMP traps   yes yes yes
    SNMP v3 Support   yes yes yes
    Email Delivery PDF, CSV. HTML. yes yes yes
    Report Repository PDF, CSV. HTML. yes yes yes
    On Demand Delivery PDF, CSV yes yes yes
    DDoS discovery   limited substantial complete
    P2P discovery   limited substantial complete
    ICMP floods discovery   limited substantial complete
    Nefarious traffic discovery   limited substantial complete
    Filtering and Display        
    100% Flow Capture Analysis Reports on which hosts, applications, protocols, etc. are using the least network traffic. no no yes
    Top Analysis Reports on which hosts, applications, protocols, etc. are using the most network traffic. yes yes yes
    Flexible Filters Allow you to include or exclude any aspect of the flows to design exactly the report you need yes yes yes
    Menu bars and shortcuts Facilitate rapid analysis. yes yes yes
    Data Collection Tuning Ability to apply filters when performing a packet capture. yes yes yes
    Business / Location based Grouping Location based on specific pre-defined groups for target IP ranges. Used in conjunction with billing trending add-on provides fast 95th percentile and usage reports that can be delivered in csv format for easy integration into existing billing systems. yes yes yes
    Interface Analysis All interfaces can be analyzed regardless of flow limits yes yes yes
    Application based Grouping Application based on specific pre-defined groups or targets. top all all
    Built in One-Click Capacity Planning Long-term Baseline trending. Compare any aspect over years, quarters, months Optional Optional Optional
    AS Number reporting   all all all
    QoS analysis   all all all
    Bidirectional Analysis   interface full full
    Multi-path Deduplication Exclusion reports provide automated ability to remove duplication when analyzing multiple routers or switches. top all - subject to data availability all
    Ingress/Egress Deduplication Detailed information when looking at a single device with multiple interfaces with ingress and egress enabled will de-duplicate when using v9 Flexible Netflow top all - subject to data availability all
    Packet size distribution   top granular top all
    Route Path Analysis through multiple devices   top all all
    Search for hosts or applications Across hundreds of routers/ switches. top all - subject to data availability all
    Device Grouping   all all all
    Interface Grouping   all all all
    Location Grouping   all all all
    Subnet Grouping   all all all
    95th Percentile Ability to create 95th Percentile (Or any percentile) for any measurement such as bps, packets, Extensive chargeback information - Provides byte, flow, packet counting and 95th percentile information from the interface down to the smallest addressable network unit or user. Enables complete flexibility on the combination of elements to be used for chargeback including Network AS, IP address, Ports, Applications, Locations or QoS. Providers can differentiate pricing based on time periods, server, content or route. top partial full
    True 95th Percentile billing1   top or interface only partial optional
    Graph Types        
    Timeline   yes yes yes
    Timeline Extensive Full comparative analysis of each element across the time line top granular top yes
    Stacked Area   yes yes yes
    Stacked Area Extensive Full analysis including no flow periods top granular top yes
    Bar   yes yes yes
    Pie   yes yes yes
    Stacked Bar   yes yes yes
    Visual Analytics Analyze by any orientation Bytes, Flows, Packets, Packet Size, TCP Flags, pps, Latency, Drops or any other measure available      
    Sankey Flexible Sankey graphing allows relationship analytics for any number of dimensions. Sankeys can be built directly from an existing Forensic yes yes yes
    Geo-Location Topology Auto Geo Location of every IPv4 Address on drillable world map with interface orientation option. Topology is available for IPv4, Interfaces, Country and Regions yes yes yes
    Chord Indicates top N in a circular point to point analytic. Includes size of Measure. yes yes yes
    Bundle Indicates top N in a circular point to point analytic without bandwidth using up chart real-estate. yes yes yes
    Force Graphs/Connected Topology Indicates connected relationship between objects. The distance between the objects reflects the strong/weak connectivity. Force graphs are available for Interfaces, Accounts, Costcenters, ASN and IP Addresses yes yes yes