Company Profile

CySight is a privately held company with its HQ in Israel and direct sales and support in the USA, UK, Europe, Israel, Middle East, South Africa, Germany, France, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Asia. Cysight offers its solutions to medium and large corporates, ISPs, MSPs, governments, healthcare organizations, BFSI, campuses, and other networking infrastructures.

CySight Products

We offer high-end integrated network traffic detection and response using AI-Driven machine learning, baselining and intelligence and granular cybersecurity intelligence solutions to medium and large enterprise customers and service providers. Customers can begin with basic performance congestion Predictive AI Baselining analytics and extend to full data retention compliance for security forensics, Cloud Predictive AI Baselining analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) visibility, with options for Machine Learning Anomaly Detection, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diagnostics and Threat Intelligence.

CySight’s product comprised of :

DDoS Detection and
Threat Intelligence

Predictive AI Baselining
Anomaly Detection

Machine Learning
AI Diagnostics

extended Application Stack analytics

Zero Trust Compliance

Peering analysis
and Billing


Network Traffic

Business Locations

We operate the business from Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. CySight is predominantly channel and partner-focused and where necessary supports customers directly. The company indirectly operates through partners in various regions that include; North America, Central, and South America, Western, Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, Africa,, and the Caribbean.

North America
Central America
South America
Western, Eastern
and Central Europe
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Israel is a powerhouse of cybersecurity and CySight leverages the highly skilled 8200 cyber intelligence community that intimately understands the need for granular network intelligence and threat mitigation. The company has continued to invest in network security and application intelligence over the last few years and invests in R&D of innovative flow-based traffic visibility solutions.

CySight Vision and Focus

Driving the Evolution of Flow-Based Network Analysis

CySight has been a leader in supplying network Predictive AI Baselining analytics solutions for the Enterprise and ISP/Telco marketplace. CySight works agnosticaly with customers to help them gain detailed visibility into their network traffic. CySight leverages its core competencies in software, database development and networking to pioneer a software application to extract “usage” information from Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Packet Brokers, VMWare, Amazon AWS, Azure, GCP, Software Defined Networks and other data sources providing the richest visibility in the market.

CySight has an advanced understanding of the power and value of deep flow technology and its ability to deliver extreme visibility if used properly. The vision that networks would rapidly move from “connectivity” to “complexity” and network traffic levels would explode was clear to the development team at CySight. A major development project was launched to design a purpose-built AI-Driven Network Detection and EndPoint Detection and Response solution, that would scale to collect, store and report on NetFlow, IPFix, sFlow, AWS and Azure logs, Kafka and other cloud data streams with flow rates exceeding 1 million flows/second, an industry benchmark. 

Today CySight delivers the most advanced and scalable and granular Flow-based Analysis solution in the industry and leverages this advantage delivering a unique Big Data AI-Driven NDR with integrated EDR and deep forensics for on-premise and cloud Networks with 20x more visibility than other solutions combined.

CySight Triangle

Vision Data Analysis

CySight’s solutions have been recognized by networking industry giants. 

Our experienced team, together with Cisco Systems deployed one of the largest NetFlow Analysis solutions in the world with 1.3 million users across 2600 locations. Our sales, technical, and management team are from industry-leading companies including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Network General, and Expand Networks. CySight’s team of specialists has experience in deploying over 1000 NetFlow Analysis solutions in organizations of all sizes including Fortune 1000 companies and some of the largest ISP/Telco’s in the world.

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Netflow Analysis Solutions
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Awards & Recognition

CySight’s security and business intelligence solutions leverage award-winning technologies. As a testament to CySight’s team’s early and ongoing innovation, our solutions have been recognized at the World Congress of IT, IAwards, Commsworld and  Consensus Software Awards and is trusted by some of the world’s largest networks. CySight continues to lead the way in providing total network visibility through our world-class flow-based cyber security, network and cloud visibility solutions.