AI-Driven APM Observability

Application Performance Monitoring and Management. Correlation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Why Customers Choose CySight

  • Agentless: Discover, classify, and assess applications without endpoint agents.
  • Vendor agnostic: Working with industry-leading network infrastructure vendors and third-party solutions, provides the market’s most extensive network application visibility metadata support.
  • Real time applications traffic monitoring: IT and DevOps can proactively monitor to uncover performance and availability issues before they impact end users, or they can forensically examine specific periods to investigate identified anomalies.
  • Granular Visibility: eliminates
    blindspots uncovering Application traffic behavior invisible to other solutions.
  • Application Intelligence: Enhances Packet Broker Application Intelligence with deep Application Visibility using Deep Data, Machine Learning and Predictive AI Baselining,
  • Powerful open visual workflow, forensics, and alerting. provides insight into user and application behavior by observing real-time traffic between all components.
  • Advanced AI Baselining: learns multi-focal baselines of devices, applications, assets and services even when encrypted.
  • Advanced risk observability: Identifies misbehaving Applications and Zero Trust breaches.
  • Network and cloud analytics: Micro and Macro Segmentation, IPAM and Chart of Accounts for IPv4 and IPv6. Core, Edge, Datacenter, Campus, Cloud.
  • Easy to install, Use and Maintain: Easily deploy on premise or in cloud or a hybrid.

CySight’s Machine Learning and Predictive AI autonomously baselines, measures, monitors, every network asset and endpoint, on-premise or cloud, identifying Applications and high-risk outliers in real-time.

Businesses want their digital assets to be accessible, responsive and secure. Whether they are required for internal productivity or the business offers an application to consumers, they must be aware of how applications perform. The availability and security of the company’s applications and data are crucial to the continuity of the businesses networked processes, and even minor performance concerns or major impacts from poor acting applications whether utilized by humans or automated processes, can have significant effects if they are slow or service is stopped or hacked.

As a result, understanding application performance and traffic risk profiles are critical so that the organization, its processes, staff and customers may have an uninterrupted, high-quality user experience. Given the widespread reliance on software, application performance issues are unavoidable, whether you’re consuming or selling.

The biggest problem is an overall lack of visibility of network and cloud

This challenge is exacerbated by the growing complexity of IT infrastructure, including virtualization, distributed applications, and the proliferation of IoT and operational technology (OT) devices that cannot support local application performance agents.

Traditional APM solutions typically require agents on every server, rendering them expensive and difficult to manage, often leading to selective deployment due to budget constraints. As a result, application performance teams face a deficit in information, hindering their ability to effectively baseline applications and detect risks.

With 99% of network and cyber solutions surface scraping and keeping less than 1% of all network data, application performance teams have become information-deficient, missing vital knowledge and correct alerting required to baseline applications and to detect risk.

What makes CySight Different

CySight AI-Driven APM Observability enables more than 20x Visibility than other solutions combined. It analyzes application behavior by fully auditing and enriching network traffic.

This agentless approach scales better, covers all servers, and IoT devices and provides a 360° holistic view of application, server and service health and security. It gives you insights into how applications interact with each other and helps you identify applications issues and threats.

CySight offers a cost-optimized, operationally efficient, and highly scalable approach, delivering unparalleled deep visibility across your entire application landscape with continuous baselining. It leverages AI-driven application behavior analytics and endpoint threat detection for real-time triage and identification of key indicators of risk.

CySight’s AI analyzes vast application data for anomalies, offering a wide view with full backtracking to pinpoint root causes. This efficient, scalable solution eliminates the need for on-premise agents, reducing maintenance overhead for customers.

Predictive AI enables self-driven detection and diagnostics based on learning your environment to infer cause of change and impact, to enable high-speed mitigation and, to help defend your entire network infrastructure and network connected digital assets.

CySight provides continuous and ubiquitous security and risk visibility and control over every IP-connected Device, Asset, Application and Service across your entire organization.

CySight provides unparalleled analysis and visibility of application communications, enabling extensive visibility into behaviors and interactions with fully Integrated APM, NDR, EDR, and forensics that leverage Machine Learning, Baselining and AI diagnostics for anomaly detection, IoT management and early Indicators of Risk.

Corporates, ISPs, Satcom, shared Data Centers, Government, Health Care, Education and other medium to large organizations gain the ability to segment, forensically analyze and account for application usage with complete transparency of every connected service and asset