Integrated Intelligent Observability

Unmatched Visibility and Security Defense-in-Depth. Correlation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Why Customers Choose CySight

  • Agentless: Discover, classify?, and assess devices without endpoint agents.
  • Vendor agnostic: Working with industry-leading network
    infrastructure vendors and third-party solutions, provides the most comprehensive network visibility metadata support in the market.
  • Granular Visibility: eliminates
    blindspots uncovering threats invisible to other solutions. Powerful open workflow with visualization, forensics, and alerting.
  • Intelligent AI Baselining: learns multi-focal baselines of every network and cloud connected asset and communication even when encrypted.
  • Advanced risk and threat
    observability: Integrated Multi-Focal Triaging using Threat Intelligence, Correlation, Machine Learning, and A.I. Cyber Forensic Diagnostics.
  • Defense-In-Depth: provides a comprehensive integrated simple and sophisticated toolset that enables continuous network security auditing to protect an organization’s endpoints, data, assets, applications, and networks.
  • Zero Trust Model: Deepest Flow Retention provides insight into user and system behavior analytics by observing real-time communications between all Zero Trust components.
  • Real-time attack maps: Identifies Ransomware, DDoS, ToR, and other outliers.
  • Network and cloud analytics: Micro and Macro Segmentation, Ipam and Chart of Accounts for IPv4 and IPv6. Core, Edge, Datacenter, Campus, Cloud.
  • Easy to install and Use: with Intuitive open workflow.

CySight’s AI-Driven Machine Learning and Predictive AI autonomously baselines, measures, monitors, every network asset and endpoint, on-premise or cloud, identifying cyber threats and high-risk outliers in real-time.

Increasing cyber-crimes, obscuring computing virtualization, regulatory obligations, and a severe shortage of cyber and network security personnel are impacting organizations.

Existing network, cloud, and security management solutions are challenged by increasing IT infrastructure complexity, network traffic, and applications, as well as siloed intelligence and the deployment of a vast majority of new IoT and operational technology (OT) devices that cannot run local security agents.

Targeted ransomware, trojans, endpoints of ill repute, dynamic cyber-attacks such as DDoS attacks as well as unexpected change in the network’s behavior or to an important connected resource use can impact an organization, its assets, or its reputation.

The biggest problem is an overall lack of visibility

The biggest threat is always the one you cannot see, and with 99% of network and cyber tools surface scraping and retaining less than 1% of all network data, security and network teams have become information-deficient, missing critical intelligence and accurate alerting required to uncover risk.

Understanding who the users are, what applications they use, and how they connect is the only way to establish and enforce policy that ensures secure data access. Complete visibility can only be accessed through 100% collection and retention of all data traversing a network,

Surface scraping is a poor strategy because the threat surface has grown and continues to grow, leaving organizations with insufficient information and the precise alerts needed to identify and mitigate danger.

Deep Packet Inspection as a means to gain deep visibility is too time consuming and expensive to maintain and struggles with encrypted communications and analyzing heavy traffic loads and data extraction.

The CySight Advantage

CySight innovation enables traffic flows to be recorded at unprecedented high-definition granularity in a small footprint. This enables a depth of cyber and network visibility to identify DDoS attacks, Ransomware and other end-point threats and network behaviors undetectable by other solutions.

CySight’s innovative Predictive AI Baselining enables unprecedented visibility and Advanced EndPoint and Network Protection. It auto discovers and autonomously learns about its environment building smart baselines for every server and service and uses AI Diagnostics to infer cause of change and fine-grained integrations and memory matrices to enable high-speed mitigation.

Predictive AI diagnostics, machine learning and Integrated Cyber Network Intelligence form the core of CySight’s unique approach. Our Dropless Collection method collects and retains network big data utilizing a proprietary process storing flow data in the lowest footprint, accelerating machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation to fully utilize all information.

Advanced algorithms further enable diverse environments such as corporates, ISPs, shared Data Centers, and other large networks the ability to segment, forensically analyze and account for network usage with complete transparency of every connected service and asset.