CySight Quickstart

The complete business case for advanced granular flow-based network analytics.

The information provided in these modules covers the difference between various network visibility techniques and the business case for advanced Predictive AI and granular (big-data) flow-based network analytics. We’ll also show you how to recognize what makes a flow auditing tool a positive investment that you can depend on!

Whether you are new to flow or you are looking to replace your old flow tool, the tips in these documents will help to minimize your chances of getting stuck with an overpriced lemon. This paper should arm you with sufficient information to understand the strengths of our CySight solution and deficiencies of other tools and ensure you don’t get confused by “silicon snake oil”.

Network Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence are closely intertwined, we discuss all optional features and benefits in the following whitepapers:

CySight Technical Specification

Brief: Predictive AI for Cyber Intelligence and Network Visibility. Highlights how Actionable Insight, Business & Cyber Intelligence can be attained to provide NetOps and SecOps with smart alerting, monitoring, and mitigation using predictive AI baselining detection and unrivaled visibility of on-premise and cloud network by leveraging every network flow

Getting Started with CySight

Brief: An introduction to CySight’s Predictive AI Baselining with revolutionary flow collection and automated diagnostics that provides unprecedented and multifaceted network and cyber intelligence from the network, application, data, and perimeter layers with support for all flow capable devices (Netflow, IPFIX, sFlow), strengthening “defense in depth” and providing complete end to end network visibility and east-west and north-south accountability.

Maximizing and Optimizing Flow Potential

Brief: Gain insight into what makes CySight’s the flow tool of choice and a tool you can count on with its ability to collect, archive, report, baseline, diagnose and alert beyond a basic surface-level collection. You will learn why using a surface-level solution that’s not the sharpest tool in the shed will ultimately have you doing a lot of heavy lifting when you try to get the answers you need.

CySight – Network and Cyber Monitoring 101

Brief: By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of network and security monitoring technology you will gain a better appreciation of the capabilities and limits of each method and that will help you discern the right approach to solving problems within your environment.

CySight – DPI Packet Broker Case Study

Brief: Most packet capturing solutions struggle to maintain both a heavy traffic load and DPI simultaneously, forcing customers to choose one or the other. Over 95% of network and cyber visibility tools retain as little as 2% to 5% of all information collected
resulting in misleading analytics and risk.