CySight Threat Intelligence

It doesn’t take much to realize just how critical access to actionable communications intelligence for absolute network traffic visibility has become to maintain network health and cybersecurity.

Network and Security teams suffer from a lack of critical visibility of all aspects of the physical network and cloud network usage and also need to deal with growing compliance, service level management, the rising level of sophistication of cyber-crime, growing virtualization of servers and related resource costs.

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, people around the world began switching to remote work. While quarantined, they turned to the Internet to provide themselves with the necessary information, entertainment, and food supplies and created new attack vectors for bad actors.

The use of corporate remote access points and network infrastructure, ISP and MSP networks, health, government and entertainment cloud e-services, as well as online stores and online education has increased. Even after isolation, remote processes are expected to continue for a long time, as limited travel is expected.

The pressure on network and security teams has increased exponentially and network usage continues to change in unexpected ways. The attack surface has substantially increased and unscrupulous actors are trying to take advantage of this uncertainty and vulnerability.

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can seriously affect your network health! You may not realize that other Flow, SIEM, SNMP, and Packet analysis tools (even with collection scalability claims) lack retention capability which results in incorrect reporting, causing you to chase red herrings and not see the impact of high-risk traffic. They also require long heavy lifting to install, maintain, and get useful analytics and reports – if it can even be done at all!

CySight’s low-cost integrated solutions for extreme network and cyber visibility substantially speeds up mean time to remediation and reporting reducing time, effort, costs, and business risk. They encompass full automation, detailed cybersecurity anomaly detection and threat intelligence, network performance root cause analysis, and usage segmentation and peering for cost allocation of resource usage.

Threat Intelligence learns from global information and continually updates and correlates in real-time and is further enhanced with CySight’s Anomaly Detection and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) engine.