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As we all know, the Internet has been expanding exponentially in usage especially over the last few years. The Internet continues to expand with many more people now using mobile technologies and other devices to access the World Wide Web and other services.

Up to now, every computer connected to the Internet is routed or packet-switched using Internet Protocol 4 (IPv4). The increase in connectivity needs for the many new devices has quickly led to deal IPv4 address exhaustion.  Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the next-generation protocol for the Internet. It’s been architected to provide a number of benefits over present-day IPv4.

CySight provides superior scalable and granular network traffic analysis and intelligent intrusion detection to identify abnormal traffic flows for ipv4 and ipv6.

CySight is fully ipv6 compliant in its monitoring, alerting and reporting:

  • Alert and analyze IPv6 network issues
  • Early Intelligent Baseline Netflow Behavior Anomaly Detection of network intrusion attempts
  • Mitigate IPv6 DoS attacks
  • Service Level Monitoring and Billing of IPv6 network usage
  • Provides the ability to test, debug and implement IPv6
  • Provides full recording, logging and replaying of IPv6 network traffic behavior
  • Complete collection of all IPv6 Netflows and reporting of IPv6 network statistics.


Netflow version 9 originally defined by Cisco systems is an IP flow-based traffic accounting protocol used to support various applications such as usage-based billing, traffic analysis, and capacity planning and network behavior anomaly detection. It is the basis for the IPFIX (IP Flow Information eXport) protocol

CySight supports Cisco NetFlow versions v5, v7 and v9, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow, NetStream, VMWare, and Flexible NetFlow.

CySight enables complete IPv6 Business Groupings. This means that Netflow IPv6 is fully compliant with all using CySight Predictive AI Baselining analytics, usage billing, 95th percentile billing, network anomaly detection, report scheduling, alerting, user portals and so much more.

This is everything you want from a Netflow analyzer? Simply download and register here and see for yourself why CySight scales well beyond any other Netflow analyzer.

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In IPv4 IP addresses are 32-bit values whereas IPv6 addresses consist of 128 bits. This equates to a substantially enlarged address space versus IPv4.

An IPv6 address consists of 128 bits. IPv6 Addresses are classified into various types for applications in the major addressing and routing methodologies: unicast, multicast, and anycast networking. Within each of these, a number of address formats are recognized by logically dividing the 128 address bits into bit groups and establishing rules for associating the values of these bit groups with special addressing features.

IPv6 Benefits:

  • Increased address space – Allows the Internet to support many more devices by greatly increasing the number of possible addresses.
  • More efficient routing – Stateless Auto-reconfiguration of Hosts
  • Reduced management requirement – Brings improvements to managing quality of service that is required for many new applications.
  • Multi-Homing and Better mobility support – Ensures transport layer connection survivability that allows a mobile device to remain reachable irrespective of its location
  • Security – Improved Network-layer security
  • Scoped address – link-local, site-local and global-address space